# Troubleshooting

This section contains some workarounds for common issues if there are problems with getting the hardware or application to run.

Applications that use the Snapdragon Spaces Services should be “correctly” closed – either quitting the application, or forcing it to shut down. Overall lifecycle improvements and other new feature improvements will be provided iteratively, but nevertheless, here are some workarounds that might unblock development.


The most recent version of the Setup and Getting Started guide should be followed before proceeding with this article:

Procedures for setting up your phone and glasses.

Getting started with the Snapdragon Spaces SDK

Symptom: I can’t get the app to run more than once after a reboot
Behavior: Occasionally the Snapdragon Spaces service (which connects the headset to the device) fails to shut down correctly, preventing the next app from initializing the service. The solution is to force-quit any applications that use Snapdragon Spaces services.
Resolution: Tap-hold the app’s icon till you see the “App Info” pop-up, select that to open it, then press the “Force Stop” to kill the service process. Press back to exit the App Info page. You might also have to Force-Stop the Snapdragon Spaces service app as well. If that fails, try rebooting the phone.
Symptom: I can’t get my app to run at all.
Behavior: You have the glasses plugged in and baited, but when you select your app and run it you see one of the following 1) app fails to run 2) displays on the phone 3) gives me a warning message 4) gives me a black screen
Resolution: This is an indication that the Spaces services are not running or incompatible with your device. Check the versions you are running (phone and glasses) and make sure yours are current. Try running a SDK sample app to verify your setup on the devices.
Symptom: The controller does not auto-appear or you need to get back to it
Behavior: Occasionally controller will disappear or not show up.
Resolution: Tap-hold the Spaces Services icon and tap “Host Controller” to bring it back up.
Symptom: A head-locked ThinkReality menu appears “stuck” after running a Spaces app
Behavior: A head-locked ThinkReality menu appears “stuck”.
Resolution: Spaces apps should still work. To restore ThinkReality functionality, reboot the phone.
Symptom: I don’t see anything in my glasses when I plug them in.
Behavior: You can’t seem to get the glasses to work
Resolution: Try unplugging and re-plugging the glasses. If that doesn’t work, disconnect the glasses and run the Companion app. It will prompt you to plug in the glasses. Plug in the glasses. After about 15-30 seconds it should state that the glasses are connected. If this fails, you should retry with a different USB cable. Not every cable has the same transmission speeds and bandwidth, so this might not work for most USB cables. If this fails, you should contact the Spaces team with the issue.

If you run into an issue that isn’t solved by one of the above techniques, try the following;

  1. Unplug the glasses from the phone.
  2. Make sure the phone has a good charge on it.
  3. Reboot the phone, wait for it to finish booting.
  4. Plug in the glasses, wait for them to finish booting – about 15 seconds till you see the ThinkReality logo.
  5. Try a known-to-work Spaces app, like on of the provided Unity apps.
  6. If that works, force-stop the app opened in the prior step (to be sure) and launch your own app.

If there are still issues, please contact the Snapdragon Spaces team for more assistance.