# Environmental Understanding

Snapdragon Spaces offers a series of environmental understanding features to help developers create XR experiences.

Please note that the following features have been built and tested for indoor experiences with ideal conditions containing moderate lighting. Due to the nature of current hardware designs, different environmental and lighting conditions may provide varying degrees of accuracy in perception quality. As a result, outdoor use cases are not recommended or supported at this time using the current hardware while improvements are being worked on for future designs.

# Plane Detection

Plane detection enables the recognition of horizontal and vertical surfaces in a physical environment. This capability enables the developer to anchor their AR content to these surfaces, including walls, floors, and tables.

Please refer to the sample documentation on how to detect planes:

# Image Tracking

Image tracking enables recognition and tracking of image targets in order to augment them virtually.

The current image targets for image tracking purposes are located here.

Please refer to the sample documentation on how recognize image targets:

# Spatial Meshing

Spatial Meshing enables creation of meshes that approximates the physical environment.

Please refer to the sample documentation on how to enable spatial meshing: