# Snapdragon Spaces Overview

The Snapdragon Spaces SDK developer packages can be downloaded from the Snapdragon Spaces Developer Portal (opens new window). Download the latest version for either Unity or Unreal Engine.

The developer package, that comes as a zip archive, includes:

  • The Snapdragon Spaces Services application.
  • Sample applications made with the engine of choice.
  • The Unity package includes a tarball of the Snapdragon Spaces Unity package.
  • The Unreal Engine package includes an archive of the samples and the plugin for Unreal Engine.
  • Additional Hand Tracking packages are included in the SDK download.

Proceed to the following pages to setup the devices and learn how to run Spaces applications on supported hardware.

Hardware Development Kits

For testing on device, you will need one of the devices listed on the Hardware Development Kit page (opens new window).