# Quick Start Guide

The Snapdragon Spaces SDK developer package can be downloaded from Snapdragon Spaces Developer Portal (opens new window). Download the latest version for either Unity or Unreal Engine.

The developer package, that comes as a zip archive, includes:

  • The Snapdragon Spaces Services application.
  • A sample application made with the engine of choice.
  • The Unity package includes a tarball of the Snapdragon Spaces Unity package.
  • The Unreal Engine package includes an archive of the samples and the plugin for Unreal Engine.

# First Steps

To run a Snapdragon Spaces application on Spaces ready hardware, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install the Snapdragon Spaces Services to the host device.
  • Install the sample application as well.
  • Open the Snapdragon Spaces Services application from the App Launcher and set the Input Source to Snapdragon Spaces Services as seen on the image below.
  • Open the sample app and give camera permissions (for tracking features like plane detection, image tracking, etc.).

The application will start on the glasses and the host controller (as seen in the image below) will start on the host device simultaneously.

Setting up the host as a controller

In the provided engine samples, the host controller is used as a pointer controller. The Select button is mapped to trigger a select or click event, and the Menu button is used to switch between the gaze and the device pointer. The rotation of the controller is also used to steer the "laser pointer" from the device pointer. The power switch on the bottom of the UI will disable the controller. This can be used to readjust the position and orientation of the device and turn it back on again.