# Known Issues for Unity

There are currently a couple of known issues that may affect the development workflow. These are known issues and will be tackled in future releases of the Unity package or the Snapdragon Spaces Services runtime.

If an issue is not present, check the overall SDK Known Issues

# Gradle build issue

In some instances, adding a custom controller archive might lead to Gradle caching errors. In that case, removing the temporary Gradle project folder generated in the project folder under Temp > gradleOut might resolve the issue.

# Hand Tracking issues

# General

  • Head movement may induce hand movement.

# UX limitations

  • Releasing object can only be performed with the Open Hand gesture.
  • In some conditions, occlusion between hands may result in hand inversion between left and right.
  • If the hand avatar is displayed, some jitter may be perceived on the finger tips. Displaying an avatar in an AR context is not recommended in general.