# Basic Scene Setup


This guide assumes pre-existing knowledge of Unity. For a more detailed overview, please visit Unity documentations.

# AR session and AR session origin

First, import AR Session and AR Session Origin to your scene, as explained here. This prefab is dedicated to manage OpenXR extensions.

Then, into AR Session Origin, add Spaces Hand Manager component to enable Hand Tracking.

Spaces Hand Manager

# QCHT Manager

This prefab is required to manage the Hand Tracking system lifecycle. It updates Hand Tracking Data at runtime.

To add it to your scene, go to Packages > QCHT Unity Core > Prefabs > QCHT Manager.

QCHT Manager

# Camera placeholder

To configure the start point of the camera, you can create an empty object, assign it the position and rotation you want, and drag and drop it in the placeholder that is dedicated to it.

By default, the camera position is in 0,0,0.

# Simulation mode

There is 2 Simulation Mode available in QCHT Manager prefab when running in editor:

  • MODE_REPLAY means that you can replay a previously recorded sequence by dragging and dropping hand's data.
  • MODE_EDITOR (default mode) allows you to control the hands when in play mode.

# Interact in Editor Mode

To drive the hands, you can refer to the following commands:

Interaction Action
Insert Left Hand Click + Press B
Insert Right Hand Click + Press N
Remove Hands Press C
Pinch Press P
Grab Press G
Flip Press F
Release Hands Press Space
Mouse Position Position (Mouse)
Mouse Scroll Scroll (Mouse)