# Hand Avatar

# Activate hands with QCHT Avatar


To activate Hand Tracking, add the Prefab by left-clicking in the Unity Hierarchy, select QCHT and add Avatar.

This prefab is composed by the two hands (HandLeft and HandRight). Each of them contains:

  • HandMain function is to drive the hand’s skinned mesh using QCHT SDK Data. It also allows to configure how the hand will interact in the environment.
  • Hand Ghost is essentially used in Virtual Force Feedback (VFF) interaction mode. To go further, this feature is described here.
  • Raycaster contains the adjustable settings for raycast system and Raycast Display contains display parameters for laser and reticle. Everything about raycast is detailed in distal section.

# Hand Presenter script

hand presenter

The main script used for QCHTAvatar is Hand Presenter. This script manages all aspects of the hand avatar. This component allows you to choose the interaction type, enable the raycast system, and set up appearance settings.

# Proximal interaction

  • Triggering: this one is used for distal and proximal interaction, but also for the control box and snapping features. This interaction type is not recommended for VFF.
  • Colliding (for virtual force feedback): choose this interaction if you want natural interaction using physics. To go further, VFF is described here.
  • None: this one only displays a ghost hand avatar without interaction.

# Distal interaction

  • Enable Physics Raycast : if disabled, the Graphic Raycast will still be functional.
  • Enable Raycast Display : the laser is not displayed, but the pointer is on a canvas.

# Hide Hand

The variable Fade Duration is used to configure the fade-out when the hand is not detected anymore.

# VFF settings

  • Distance Blend Alpha determines the distance at which the ghost hand will be displayed once the default hand avatar is being physically constrained by the object.