# Import additional packages

Some Hand Tracking features, such as rigged hand meshing and interaction components, are not included in the main Snapdragon Spaces package, but come in separate packages in the form of tarball files. They can be imported similarly as the main package, like described in the Unity documentations (opens new window).

Summarized, first and foremost, install the Snapdragon Spaces Package (described here). The minimum required version for Hand Tracking is 0.6.0. To leverage the full Hand Tracking feature palette, the packages listed next should be installed as well.


The Spaces Services application's camera permissions have to be enabled as described here for Hand Tracking to work properly.

# QCHT Unity Core Package (Version 3.2.5)

This package manages QCHT lifecycle and hand inputs. It exposes the hand data and allows displaying raw points on the hand. To see those raw points, import the QCHT Raw Data sample.

# QCHT Unity Interactions Package (Version 3.4.2)

It contains hand rigs, specific interactions (distal, proximal, ...) and a sample scene to exemplify basic interactions (raycast, snapping and virtual force feedback).