# XR Interaction Toolkit

As of QCHT Version 4.0.0 and its previous prerelease versions, everything is based off of XRIT and thus the information in this page is only valid for QCHT Versions 3.x and below.


As of Snapdragon Spaces version 0.12.1, QCHT Avatar is deprecated. You can now refer to the XRHandController component.


This is an experimental feature.

This guide assumes pre-existing knowledge of XR Interaction Toolkit. For a more detailed overview, please visit the official Unity (opens new window) documentation.

To use QCHT XR Controller, make sure to import QCHT Unity Core (3.2.5) and XR Interaction Toolkit (opens new window) packages from Unity Package Manager.

Then, enable Use XR Controller on QCHT Manager component.

Enable XR Controller

In your project, create an Input Actions or use an existing one to assign the actions related to the QCHT Hands.

Input Actions

Once everything is set up, verify that the hands are properly plugged. Hit play in the Editor and open the Input Debugger by clicking on Windows > Analysis > Input Debugger. Then, double-click on QCHTHand to see live inputs.

Here is an example of hand data tracked at runtime:

input debugger

To create interactions and learn more about XR Interaction Toolkit, you can check the official Unity documentation (opens new window).