# Scene Setup


This guide assumes pre-existing knowledge of AR Foundation and OpenXR. For a more detailed overview, please visit the official AR Foundation (opens new window) and OpenXR (opens new window) Unity documentations.

This is what a proposed sample scene hierarchy looks like in order to run the project with AR Foundation and XR Interaction Toolkit support:

Scene Setup

# AR Foundation

To enable positional head tracking, the following objects are required in the scene:

  • AR Session
  • AR Session Origin
    • AR Camera (Tag this as "MainCamera")

In order to create these game objects manually, right-click in the hierarchy panel and select XR > AR Session or XR >AR Session Origin.


Disable the AR Camera Manager and AR Camera Background components in the AR Camera GameObject if they are not needed to retrieve RGB camera frames for instance, to avoid camera lifecycle related issues mentioned in the known issues section.