# Known Issues for Unreal Engine

There are currently a couple of known issues that may affect the development workflow. These are known issues and will be tackled in future releases of the Unreal Engine plugin or the Snapdragon Spaces Services runtime.

If an issue is not present, check the overall SDK Known Issues

# Spatial anchor backwards compatibility issue

For apps built with plugin version 0.12.1 and lower, anchors are incompatible with Snapdragon Spaces Services version 0.13.0 and higher. You will need to compile your app with plugin version 0.13.0 or higher to avoid a crash when destroying an anchor.

# Reset position

Resetting the map position on map load is currently not working as expected.

# Unreal Editor startup issue

Some firewalls could prevent the Unreal Editor from starting up correctly. A way to fix the issue could be by renaming the CrashReportClientEditor.exe to something else in the Unreal Editor's install path under Engine/Binaries/Win64.

# Rendering issues

# Widgets performance issue

When the app is deployed with the default Development configuration selected, the framerate and performance decreases heavily when looking at world space UI (widgets) on the Viewer. Unfortunately, the root cause of this issue is unknown. When encountering issues with widgets, the Shipping configuration should be selected instead.