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XR represents the next generation of how to interact with the world. This solution offers a hardware-agnostic hand tracking and gesture recognition software platform to power the most advanced XR immersive solutions.

The Hand Tracking aims to:

  • Provide accurate, low latency first-person POV hand tracking
  • Recognize a set of common hand gestures
  • Integrate directly with onboard cameras and sensors
  • Support different hardware & operating systems

The Hand Tracking components inside the Snapdragon Spaces plugin provide functionality for:

  • Hand detection and tracking
  • Gesture recognition (grab, pinch, open-hand)

The custom package inside the developer package, Qualcomm Hand Tracking Interaction (QCHTI), provides additional functionalities for:

  • Visualizing the hand mesh
  • Handling interactions (raycast, snapping, virtual force feedback)
  • Advanced interactions by compensating auto-haptic feedback (target, select, manipulate)